Attention Teachers and Home School Groups

Option 1:

Plan on bringing your students to an adventure they will not forget. Your adventure includes an informative cave tour that the students will learn about the cavern's history, geology and about the fascinating cave life they will discover on their tour. We make learning fun for everyone! Each student will get their own gem bag for the gem stone panning, a gift shop that has unique and affordable collection of rocks, fossils, jewelry and souvenirs.

 All of this for an affordable price of $8.50+ tax per student (with tax it will be  $9.73 per student)

Option 2:

The same as option 1 except the gem panning is not included in the price.

All of this for an affordable price of 6.50+ tax per students would like to purchase a gem panning bag we offer a discounted rate of $4.00 per bag+ tax.

For both options teachers and bus drivers get in free. If you have any other parents or chaperones the cost is $10.00+ tax additional syblings would be the same cost of the option for the students.

Home School Groups

Home School Groups must have a minimum of 15 paying people to qualify for a school group rate.

Students          $10.00 + tax (includes gem stone panning)

Parents/Teachers         $15.00 + tax (does not include gem stone panning)


We do except PO's. All PO's must be preauthorized with us and the school. The POs must be paid within 14 days of your field trip.

We except school credit cards, school checks and cash.


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