Keep up with our Treasure Hunting Expeditions and New News!

We have added some of our digging and explorations here. This is a way you can keep up with what's going on. The expeditions are the current digs and some of the most exciting. We are continuing to explore this cavern, there is so much more to discover!


Hidden Rail Track Tunnel Continues


We are continuing digging out the rails to the hidden tunnel. We have a lot of work to do, but this tunnel we believe was hidden in the 1930's or earlier. It has been a mystery why there is no information about this or why this passage was buried. What could be hidden in the tunnel they wanted to conceal from everyone?


The Hidden Wall

This expedition started in August of 2016. We found a rock wall right off of an old rail track tunnel as you can see this is man made. We are excited to see what lays just beyond this wall.


The Hidden Rail Tracks

Another new  and continuing expedition, recovering hidden rail tracks that were said to be removed back in the early 1930's. We discovered the rails while we were doing some maintenance work and my wife started playing around with one of the metal detectors.


Shaman Dig

We had an elderly man come through the cavern a few years ago and he said he was a Native American Shaman. He claimed to have had very intense dreams about this cave and he was compelled to travel here and check it out. He brought his divining rods into the cavern while going on his tour and said there is a lot of spiritual activity here. They are friendly and want us to find the treasure so they may be released and move on. He told us the exact distance to dig in this particular tunnel. You will have to go on tour with us and we will tell you more about this story. There is more evidence that something is back here.


Spring Symbols

During the drought a few years ago, Tracy and I went caving and checked out one of the dried up springs. We found old symbols carved on the wall! We studied this area and we interpreted the symbols as to turn around and look under the water or wall. We did and started opening up something very cool.